Want a Dog Proof New Wood Fence?

So, You’d like a dog proof new wood fence?  No problem, we can build that.  BUT, this really depends on the dog or dogs that you’re dealing with.  A dog proof wood fence for a miniature Chihuahua is going to be different than a dog proof wood fence for a Great Dane or an Irish Wolfhound.  Similarly it depends on the dog’s attitude and behavior.  If it’s a psycho Pit Bull that’s the neighborhood night-time dog-fight champ trained to kill, that digs, claws and rams it’s way through obstacles until it bleeds, OR if it’s a tame and well-mannered Dachshund (wiener dog) that goes to the dog park twice a week, and is a favorite at the local doggie-daycare, these two dogs will require different dog proof wood fences.  Obviously.  THIS is the most important thing to consider.


Tiny dog?  Then you need a tiny space at the bottom of your gates and fence, with small spacing in between the planks.  Digging dog?  It depends how much of an excavator he or she is.  A little wire mesh buried 6″ in the ground in between the posts could be plenty.  In a severe case you might need a 2′ deep concrete curb in between the posts.  What about the soil type and condition?  That’s a factor too.  We once did a very nice horizontal wood fence and pedestrian entry gate for a concrete patio style front porch courtyard beside the garage, and stained it.  But the dog was a bit of a beast, defending its home and earning its meals and treats.  So we had to add a 3′ tall 3/4″ square wire mesh to the bottom part so it was too uncomfortable for the dog’s paws and toes for him to be clawing or upon the fence.  And it worked perfectly.  We put it on the bottom part of the matching wood pedestrian entry gate too.


So it really depends on the dog and the situation.  Every situation is different.  Details are everything, very important. 


Pros and Cons of a dog proof wood fence?  Is this an AI, computer generated question, OMG. The Pro is your dog is safe from escape.  The Con is you have to pay for dog food and vet visits and clean up after your pet.


To get the right dog proof wood fence, it REALLY depends mainly on your dog or dogs.  It’s got to be designed and built for THAT situation.  We can do that, no problem.  Call, text or email me for a quote!


Jamie Forbes from Redfin.com has put together an article titled How to Create a Dog-Proof Fence, where he has sampled and/or edited a few industry opinions on this topic including mine here from this article.  Enjoy!

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